I was able to play tennis today with Paul. I went over to his apartment complex and we played in the newly-resurfaced court just beyond the parking lot. There is only one court, at least on that side of the complex, but it was okay; no one else was around or wanting to play. We managed to hit the ball out of the court and into the forest several times, but it was easier to weave through the trees to get to it due to the fact that the forest is apparently thinned out and cut back by whoever does the excellent landscaping at the complex. Unfortunately, there is no gate to exit on that side of the court, so we had to walk all the way around to get back there.

Still, it was a lot of fun, and my knee doesn’t hurt at all anymore.

I do, however, suddenly have allergies. A severe runny nose and lots of sneezing. It started sometime during tennis and has lasted all day…ugh. I’ve taken allergy medicine twice, but it hasn’t seemed to help much. The first time I took it, I took a nap immediately thereafter; I recently took the second dose, and it’s making me drowsy again, so I’ll probably go to bed soon.

I need to get started on my housecleaning schedule thing from FlyLady, at some point…I’m not “behind”, per se, but I haven’t begun, either. I did, however, shine one of my sinks tonight.

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Sounds like you’ve had a good day, overall. I’m glad to hear that your knees are not hurting anymore, but sorry to hear about your allergies. Hope they’ll go away soon! *hugs*

Exercise is good. I should do more of that. I should stop saying it and actually do it :P Heh
Posted 11/16/2003 2:25 AM by Bleudonne

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