2015 Daily Writing: December

Week One Weekly Total
Date 1-Dec 2-Dec 3-Dec 4-Dec 5-Dec 6-Dec 7-Dec
Words 298 220 518
Project [night value 1] [high school cecearl AU]
Week Two Weekly Total
Date 8-Dec 9-Dec 10-Dec 11-Dec 12-Dec 13-Dec 14-Dec
Words 2272 2272
Project Carlos Cleans Up [night value 2; cowritten; my WC only] (complete)
Week Three Weekly Total
Date 15-Dec 16-Dec 17-Dec 18-Dec 19-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
Words 111 1643 2688
Project Stereo Hearts (complete) Coming to Terms (and Almost Blows) (complete)
Table Scraps (complete)
Week Four Weekly Total
Date 22-Dec 23-Dec 24-Dec 25-Dec 26-Dec 27-Dec 28-Dec
Words 696 1436
Project Good Morning, Carlos (complete)
Thanks for the Assist (complete)
Week Five Weekly Total
Date 29-Dec 30-Dec 31-Dec
Words 0