2015 Daily Writing: July

Week One Weekly Total
Date 1-Jul 2-Jul 3-Jul 4-Jul 5-Jul 6-Jul 7-Jul
Words 0 0 1139 0 2232 3371
Project [sick] [travel] What are they up to? (complete) [holiday] Making Him Wait (complete)
Week Two Weekly Total
Date 8-Jul 9-Jul 10-Jul 11-Jul 12-Jul 13-Jul 14-Jul
Words 0 602 341 991 1043 99 3957
Project Insanity (complete) Feral Earl (complete) [Fearl ficlets] Pizza and Pasta (complete) Jacky, God of Tendrils (complete)
Feral Earl 2 (complete)
blog: Oops (complete)
Week Three Weekly Total
Date 15-Jul 16-Jul 17-Jul 18-Jul 19-Jul 20-Jul 21-Jul
Words 0 298 384 731 1413
Project A Message from the Night Vale Board of Dentistry (complete)
Week Four Weekly Total
Date 22-Jul 23-Jul 24-Jul 25-Jul 26-Jul 27-Jul 28-Jul
Words 278 1371 202 756 2607
Project A Little Birthday Show (complete) Opening a Door blog: So many feels (complete) Opening a Door
Week Five Weekly Total
Date 29-Jul 30-Jul 31-Jul
Words 0