Diet-Mode, and Initial D

I slipped in the garage door–I still sometimes think of it as that, even though technically it’s the office door, and there isn’t a garage door there to speak of at all–to be hit by the scent of cooking bacon. Yum. Dad was cooking, and as I moved through the kitchen to deposit my bags in my room, I saw that he’d not only made bacon, but had fried two eggs over easy and slipped them onto two pieces of toast. Da-yamn. Breakfast food is altogether too good.

Unfortunately, I’m shifting back into diet-mode after a weekend of revelry. I didn’t stray too far from the Holy Path of Slim Fast, but I did end up eating two Not-So-Sensible Meals each day instead of having two shakes and one Sensible Dinner. Well, that, and I ate some cake. But not much! :>

Anyway, no breakfast food for me. I had my breakfast shake already, and right now I’m enjoying my scheduled snack bar–chocolate peanut nougat–and a mug of sugar-free cocoa. This diet is so chocolate-oriented…it’s perfect :> Actually, though, I bought some shakes of different flavors last time: banana cream, strawberry, vanilla…oh, okay, and dark chocolate fudge. I’m not a freaking rock you know!

Right now I’m grooving to Initial D music. I started reading the first manga from TokyoPop last night, and finished it up this morning at work. And yow. This stuff is great!

One of my friends–was it Hai?–sent me the first couple episodes of the Initial D anime one time, and I watched it till about halfway, got bored, and deleted it. Of course, since then, Hai has shipped me the entire series, but I haven’t watched it yet. I’m just saying, the manga is that riveting. I didn’t think I was interested in the subject at all, but I could hardly put it down. And to think, I never imagined that I would be this fascinated by a bunch of boys racing cars around in the mountains of Japan :> (In one section, a character says “Come on, Racer X, show yourself”. I thought that was hilarious :D)

Apparently the names are translated wrong…which sucks. I appear to have the bad translation, since the girl’s name is “Natalie” in my copy, and her name is supposed to be “Natsuki”. Bah. Well, at least the main character’s name isn’t changed, and I can understand the story…but still, I suppose I should be happy I have fansubs of the anime ;P

In other news, “Bunta” is one of the coolest names ever. I’ll have to use it somewhere. Of course, people will think it’s a Star Wars reference…

Well, I have a story revision due on Thursday, as well as other things. I forget what. So I should probably get started.