I’m really anal about timestamps, aren’t I?

Some clarifications:

When I said that the characters’ names in the Initial D manga from Tokyopop were “translated wrong“, I didn’t mean “incorrectly”. I meant that Tokyopop purposefully used names that were not the characters’ names. “Translated” was a poor term to use.

And when I said that older students probably need bilingual instruction, I was referring to those students who came to the US during or after puberty and who didn’t speak English fluently when they arrived. Students who arrived as young children can pick up English fairly easily during their formative years, and should need little to no instruction in their native tongue as they grow older–for the purposes of understanding, anyway. I do feel that a person’s native tongue is special and important, and there should be community outreach or some sort of system in place to enable them to keep their fluency in that language. However, this should not be the responsibility of the public school system, which has a hard enough time teaching native speakers of English how to read.