PA, hair, and hunger

Monday’s PA reminds me a lot of this one.

So I’m thinking about my hair. It’s quite an achievement to have hair this long. So I’m wondering if I really should cut it. Maybe I should just get some bangs. But not traditional bangs, because those look doofy. Just shorter hair in the front. Or something. Does anyone have hair styling tips?

I know Sean likes my hair long, so it might be nice to leave it that way. But my family all says they liked my hair chin-length better. Decisions, decisions…

In other news, I was running late this morning and didn’t have time to grab a Slim-Fast for breakfast…and I’m hungry :P I’m thinking about just having a regular breakfast after work and then saving the Slim-Fasts for lunch and dinner. It could work. Of course, that raises the question of where to go and what to eat. I was thinking of the Student Center, but that involves moving my car to the parking structure. I could just stop at McDonald’s on my way home, but that’s not as healthy. There isn’t a huge difference, but there’s enough of one. Sigh.

I’ve got some things on my mind; maybe I’ll write about them a little later.