The condescending arrogance of the astoundingly ignorant

Someone told me on a forum three days ago in a very condescending manner that I was “pretty much correct” concerning a kanji reading, and that as for China, they imported their writing system from Japan in “several waves”.

I have been so incredulous ever since then that I keep mentioning it to everybody. How in the world does a person get the idea that China got its writing system from Japan? I mean, sure, I didn’t know much about Asia before I started taking Japanese culture classes, but still…even European history shows how freaking old China is, and how advanced they were ages ago. Japan, on the other hand, as we know from American history, secluded itself so much until recently that they had quite a bit of catching up to do, and that holds true regardless of the fact that now they lead the world in many ways. I mean…I am just completely astounded.

I told that girl how it is, and she hasn’t bothered to reply to the thread. Oh, well.