Back from Georgia

I am sooo with it.

Look, I’ve taken a cool overexposed picture of myself! Can I join the l33t w3bm0nk3y club now?

You might notice something new in that picture. My engagement is official, per the traditional dowry purchase of my body and soul via diamond ring. Silly historical concerns aside, it is a damn fine rock. And I am changing my name.

I went to visit Sean for the past week and a half, leaving on November 22 and returning today. It was a great trip. We found a place to live and put in our application. Cheryl and Reid bought us our wedding rings, and Sean gave me the aforementioned hunk of diamond goodness. We also got our blood tests and obtained our marriage license. The woman at the desk informed us when we arrived that “I usually don’t do this after 4:30.” We thought that was cute. Yes, this office is open until 5. But I stop doing my job at 4:30. Sorry. Fortunately, she wasn’t quite that obnoxious, and she went ahead and processed us. She even sounded halfway sincere when she told us “Congratulations”! Now all that’s left is to find a place to get married, and go ahead and do it already.

There are plenty of stories I could tell about my trip, and hopefully I will later, but for now I’m quite tired. The eight hour drive wasn’t too bad, but it’s been a long day in all. それで、good night, everyone.