Yeah, so I’m having

  • One 12-ounce can of Mountain Dew
  • and

  • Another piece of pizza
  • What’s it to ya?

    I’m thinking this plan is sort of backfiring, at least in the “oh yeah, I’ll be too embarrassed to overeat if I have to write it down” department. In fact, I get the distinct impression that I am going to eat the last lonely piece of pizza in the fridge after I finish with this one. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know ;P

    Kevin had to move back to Florida from Texas today. He grew up in Jacksonville, but he’d been in the Houston area long enough to make some real bonds. He had friends, and a college he was going to, and there was a girl…he never told her how he felt, and now she’s hundreds of miles away.

    His parents are either completely blind to his pain or are ignoring it for their own benefit. I’m betting on the latter…not that I in any way approve.

    The reason for the move–a $30K pay raise–is a good one. But I have yet to hear any solid reasoning why Kevin couldn’t have been allowed to stay in Houston, where he was happy. He was already enrolled in school and he’d made a life for himself there. Why his parents couldn’t see that and let him live his own life is beyond me.

    Seeing him hurt so much makes my heart ache. There’s nothing I can do, and I hate that.

    I’m going to go get that

  • Last piece of pizza in the fridge
  • before I finish posting, so that I won’t have to post again. I’d like to actually do up something with my City 12 cop character tonight.

    Sam and I have decided to play rivals. My character’s name is T.J. Satana (enemies and obnoxious friends call her “Hooker”), and his character’s name is L. Dallas Gabriel. They’re both Detective Sergeants in the City 12 Police…and their purpose will be to run around meddling in the affairs of all the PCs, fighting each other tooth and nail along the way. It should be fun :D

    Mmm…last slice of pizza goodness.