I haven’t blogged in a bit. Part of the reason is because I fell off the wagon, so to speak. Just like all my other attempts at dieting, this one has ended in failure. Sam says that I constantly commit myself to and accomplish great things, but somehow am stymied by anything involving self-improvement. It’s an interesting evaluation, but I’m not sure what I think of it. The things I commit to are all in the “Fun Stuff I Want To Do” category, whereas the things I slack off on are “Things I Think I Ought To Be Doing, Whether They Are Fun or Not”. I guess you could label the second group as being self-improvement items, because the things I think I ought to be doing include losing weight, exercising, writing the next great American novel, and things of that nature. I think they can also be referred to as things that involve changing my usual routine. I tend to fall into the patterns of least resistance, things that feel natural and amusing. Anything that goes against the flow is automatically more difficult to maintain over any length of time.

Analyzing the situation to death has not put me one step closer to fixing it.

The other reason I haven’t blogged is because Xanga was down due to a barrage of DDOS attacks. Lame.

Right now I’m listening to a track from the Run Lola Run OST called “Casino (Solid State Remix)”. It is damn good. It has a pumping, driving beat and a repeated sample of Lola panting as she runs, punctuated by rushing sound effects and a few simple bass chords and melodies. It is really neat; it puts me in a sort of sexual meditative state.

I’ve been doing lots of posting on GP4 lately. One of Sam’s non-player-characters, Amy Velpers, is hosting a ball, and all the PCs were required to attend. Everyone is on the same thread. It’s a hoot.

Sean wasn’t feeling well today. Fortunately, he has a good week before he has to go to work; since he’s changing companies on the 29th, he is using up all his sick days now. I hope he’ll get a good rest over this extended weekend. His allergies really seem to kill him.

I sort of wish we could use this time that he’s off to go visit my relatives in Kentucky, but Sean doesn’t feel up to taking a trip. He says he just wants to relax. Fair enough, I suppose.

I missed both Mom and Ben’s birthday parties. Fortunately, Faye and others made sure there were pictures for me to see, which is good. Logan is really growing up, and Connor is a boy now, not a baby. He’s almost four. It’s crazy.

I miss everybody.

Hopefully I can find some sort of job so that I can afford to fly home to visit sometime…flights from Augusta to Lexington are ridiculously expensive though, something like $600 when I checked today. I’ve got the non-major-airport blues…