Redoing my website, plus some links

One of the things I definitely want to do is revamp my website. I would like a nice dynamic site with comment options directly available, plus other things like “what I’m reading” features, polls, and all that other stuff that you find on nice websites. I would install PHP-Nuke or something similar, but my current hosting plan doesn’t allow for that. I’m going to be seriously thinking about upgrading my service plan or switching hosts in the near future. (More webspace for photos and the like would be nice…)

In the meantime, I wanted to post up some links that I’ve found interesting lately. A lot of these came to me through BoingBoing, a blog I’ve been reading a lot the past few months.

The History of the DeCSS Haiku – until today I had no idea what the DeCSS Haiku–or the DeCSS, for that matter–even was. A great read.

A Call for the Complete Elimination of Joke Haiku Production on the Internet – This topic is very near and dear to the heart of this writing and Japan geek. For I don’t know how long I’ve bemoaned the English adaptation of the haiku. It’s impossible to write a 17 syllable poem in English and pack in the sheer amount of meaning in a 17 syllable poem in Japanese, due partially to the differences in units of language and partially to the fact that Japanese kanji (Chinese characters) can carry many meanings, a phenomenon that is impossible to replicate in English.

Confessions of a Car Salesman at – I truly enjoyed reading this article yesterday. It was interesting to read about how another shy, “invisible” person translated himself into one of the most outgoing and aggressive personalities I can think of. It made me start to wonder if I, too, couldn’t make this leap, and sell cars like a pro.

My senses returned to me a few hours later.

Joel on Software: Getting Your Resume Read – L. O. L. I’ve been reading a lot of sites (mostly linked from MSN or Yahoo!) on how to write a good resume, get hired, etc. This one covers the basics. As a bonus, it’s funny.

Eventually, when I get around to redoing my website, I’m going to link to all the blogs and things that I read daily. Until then, I thought I’d mention Sushicam again, just ’cause.

I’ll add one final link for now. Zuma is controlling my life. (Damn you, Tycho!)

(…okay, so that was two links…)