Curiosity about toilet flushing distracts me from work, and my car is laughing at me

The thought struck me that I still didn’t know whether or not toilets flush in a counterclockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere, so I looked it up on Snopes. (Yeah, I know, this is extraordinarily important.) I’m glad to have the mystery solved, but what really got me was this quote:

The Coriolis effect produces a measurable effect over huge distances and long periods of time, neither of which applies to your bathroom.

:D I love that.

When I started my car this morning, the headlights, dash lights, and radio all came on. I didn’t check the interior light. I was too busy feeling shocked and annoyed.

I guess the headlight switch is “on the fritz”…well on the road to going out, but willing to work intermittently. I’m not going to trust it on a road trip, the little tease.

Random tangent: I used to call my car Walton, after my grandfather, the car’s previous owner, but the name never really fit. Recently I came up with the perfect name…but now I can’t remember what it is.