While I’m waiting for Savannah pictures to upload…

Here is a really doofy article. Yes, that is a tabloid.

It’s an interesting claim, but although I think that unconscious knowledge does help fuel our decision-making, I’m not exactly sure how we would be able to “tell by looking” that Kerry has more royal blood than Bush, or why that would make us choose Kerry. I would be interested to see if the claim that the Presidential victor always has the most blue blood could be backed up by fact, but of course you’ll never see that sort of devotion to balanced reporting in the National Enquirer.

So, apparently I took so many pictures in Savannah that I can’t fit them all in one Gallery album. What I’m going to do is break them up into two groups, then go through later to add captions/descriptions and remove pictures that aren’t so great. Hopefully that will cut the number down to 290 or below, which seems to be the limit. (At some point I need to update the Gallery software, but I haven’t had the time.)

Of course, I’m not going to leave the pictures up forever, because the sheer number means they take up a lot of space on the family website, but I’ll at least leave them there long enough for my travel companions to see them :)

Link to album one coming soon.