Why, why, why would you record one take, fuck it all up, and then, instead of practicing until you had it down pat and re-recording, post the fucked-up take to the Internet?

Ugh! UGH! Someone get that boy a fucking metronome!

It seems like more and more people are willing to slap things together, decide it’s “good enough”, and release it to the public without bothering to make it the best it can be. It’s bad enough on the ‘net, but at least there it’s pretty much free. I see this slackassedness creeping in elsewhere, though…notably in small businesses that overextend and then make fixing the situation a low priority.

Could I be thinking of something in particular? Maybe. Maybe several somethings. :P

All I can say is, this sort of thing really fouls up my mood.

On a lighter note, I’m leaving tomorrow to drive to Kentucky for a nice week of fun with my family. I’ll be staying through Easter (yay! Easter dinner! yay! Easter egg hunt!), then driving home on Monday the 12th. This may or may not affect my Internet presence (who am I kidding? I’m taking the laptop!).