Witch-king & Co.: great opportunity here! End-of-year bonus could be big!

Shade passed me this must-read. A couple excerpts:

Found ’em, Boss. Or at least we thought we found them. Busted up their hiding place real good, but they escaped into Old Forest, which is very scary. We would have gone in after them, but locals sounded incredible fire alarm. Took a vote and decided to head to Bree, wait for hobbits.

You took a vote?! (Sigh). Fine, whatever.

Now in Bree, but rest of Black Riders not here. Barkeep wants us to pay their tab. Pal Bill Ferny said homeys are retracing their steps to see if No.5’s ring fell off on way from Isengard. Rented great room with view. Expense request enclosed.

2,000 farthings for ‘Dwarf massage’?


Right you are, Boss. We five are plenty for the job. I guess we’ll get the others’ bonuses, ha ha. Anyway, turns out the hobbits have joined forces with a Ranger, named Strider. Job suddenly got harder. They also bought Ferny’s pony; Bill got hit with apple from one of the hobbits, but lived. He said they went cross-country, which means we’ll just have to hope they rejoin the road up ahead. Thoughts?

Thoughts? Yes, try following them.