Okay, wow…

Blogger has just added a crapload of new features, including comments. Their comments feature appears to be far more robust than the Blogkomm thingy I’ve been using; I can turn comments on and off individual posts, I can limit comment posting to a specific group of people… Wow.

Blogger will also let me archive individual posts on their own pages along with their comments, which is what I was trying to do by archiving by day (which obviously doesn’t work if I post more than once a day). Plus, all Blogger templates are standards-compliant and machine readable, written in CSS, so that means I can look at the code of their new templates to see what I can do to make my site compliant too.

Essentially they’ve gone through and added almost everything I could want. (One feature that I would like that isn’t present is a means to truncate posts on the front page and only show a certain amount of characters, so more posts could go on one page, and so the reader could immediately tell if he/she has already read the post and see how many comments there are without having to scroll past huge, robust diatribes filled with gargantuan paragraphs. I’d also like an easy way to post photos, but you know, I’m just amazed at what they’ve done already, and I don’t really have the webspace for a photoblog anyway.)

So yeah, this is pretty impressive. I had logged in to write a story about “my first date”, but the new Blogger look totally derailed me. I’ll probably come back to that post later after I mess around in here a little.