Template tweaks complete!

I have finally finished tweaking the template to make the comments look right, to fix some messed up links, and to add some new links. You’ll notice a new navigation bar at the bottom of the pages now; this will hopefully assist people who have scrolled down while reading to get to where they want to be without having to scroll back up. I’ve also made the title graphic into a link to the main journal page–I don’t know how many times I’ve moved my mouse cursor over to it and wished that it was a link, so now it is one.

Miscellaneous other changes have been made that are small but that satisfy my anality. (Is that a word? Sounds better than “analness”, anyway…but I’m prejudiced against the suffix -ness.)

Blogger has been lagged recently, which has made the publishing process take a lot longer. I imagine this is because everyone is realizing how cool it is and there are people signing up left and right. Plus, there are probably a lot of existing Blogger users who are updating their templates to include the comments (just like me!). Needless to say, I’m very relieved to have finally gotten all of this done. :)

I hope that those of you who are planning on posting comments a lot will go ahead and sign up for a Blogger account. You don’t have to use it ever except for posting comments. I promise that this is the last thing you’ll have to sign up for in order to respond to my posts, at least for the foreseeable future. I’m very pleased with Blogger right now and see no reason to suddenly change to something else. So to those of you who signed up for Xanga or LiveJournal accounts solely to post to my blog…sorry! Please indulge me!

pixelscribbles.com circa June 2004
Screenshot of pixelscribbles.com with Blogger comments enabled from June 2004