The trouble with autobiography

I’m on lunch, and I wanted to make a quick note.

Encapsulating a life is a difficult task, especially when it’s your own, simply because you know when you’re leaving something out. My huge autobiographical profile seems comprehensive and complete, but every time I think about it I think of something else I could have added. I wrote it all in one sitting, and so of course whatever I’d been thinking about at that time affected what I put down. There are other things I didn’t mention at all, or could have emphasized more, but didn’t.

I suppose that in some ways I consider this entire journal to be my autobiography. This is the record of my thoughts and adventures and stories from my past, written in my own words. To that end, I have decided to open a separate page on pixelscribbles for diary entries from the past. I’ll be posting, word for word, things I wrote as a child. I’ll post here, too, to inform readers that a new diary entry is up and to maybe discuss it a little. I think this will be a fun, unique experience.

I’ll let you know when I get started…