By the way, I finished Order of the Phoenix

So we can talk about it now, Hai. ;>

I guess we won’t find out about the O.W.L.s until the next book, but Umbridge (her name sound like “umbrage”!) did smirk quite a bit when Harry made his patronus, so I think my worry has some merit…maybe…

Oh, and by the way,

SIRIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

We’re running out of horrible things to happen to Harry…you know, without completely destroying the world he lives in. A comforting thought ^^;;

(I am wondering if Neville is the one in the prophecy, though…I mean, he could have been “marked” by Voldemort’s attack on his parents…see…Voldemort was so afraid of Neville that he stunted his magical growth by destroying his parents! And now he obsesses over Harry so that no one will be the wiser! You see, it all fits! *cackles maniacally*)