Hit the snooze alarm again today, only getting up when Cher wailed, “You’re not listening to what I say” and Sean made a noise of ultimate suffering.

Messed with my computer before I went out, which I shouldn’t have done. It wasn’t seeing the keyboard, and I wanted to fix it so I could log in and start up some torrents. I finally just unplugged the keyboard and plugged it back in, which worked fine. Then I started up my torrents, only to find that one of them, for Kyou Kara Maou 8, couldn’t connect to the tracker. I went to redownload the torrent, but then I discovered that GotWoot was down! I don’t know if they got hacked or if there was some kind of hosting problem or what, but I hope they come back up soon.

Sailor Moon 35 and Aishiteruze Baby 11 were going along fine, though, so I finally tore myself away and went to the workout room.

There was a really thin girl in there when I arrived, the first time that someone else was there during my workout. She was on one of the treadmills, and I took the other one.

8 minutes on the treadmill, speeding up towards the middle for a 2 minute jog at 4 to 6 minutes, and then I did my crunches routine, then 5 minutes on the stairclimber, then my leg lifts routine. And that was it for me; the girl was still on the treadmill when I left. She’d been speeding up for most of the time I was there, but towards the end she’d started slowing down again. She seemed pretty nice. I guess I won’t mind if she shows up again :)

Having a banana cream Slim Fast for breakfast. I’m out of milk to make the stuff with the mix, which is what I usually do in the morning. Need to get that at some point. I may wait until Friday and let it be a regular grocery shopping day.

I wasn’t able to play tennis yesterday due to rain. Hoping today will be better, for biking, but you never know. :P I guess I should join the activity center up there in North Augusta so I can do stuff indoors up there…assuming there is stuff to do inside that’s comparable. I dunno.

I started watching Hikaru no Go again yesterday, and got through episode 10 or so. Touya is so kawaii…

This weekend, Sean and Adam and I watched the first 10 or so episodes of Prince of Tennis. Looking forward to continuing the marathon…I love that series :D (It’s interesting how Kikumaru’s voice actor changed the way he spoke to be more cute and catlike as the series progressed…he sounded pretty bland at the beginning. And if I haven’t mentioned it before, he’s also Artemis ;>)

Sailor Moon 35 and Aishiteruze Baby 11 just finished d/ling…too bad I don’t have time to watch! ;P