One lap around the complex with handweights, five minutes on the stairclimber, ab, back, and leg workout, five on each side of every kung fu kick I could think of, two minutes to cool down on the treadmill.

I had more time this morning, but I didn’t feel like using it. I wanted to come back and watch BSSM 35. Which I am going to do now :)

Tennis with Paul today, assuming it doesn’t rain like it did Monday.

Biking last night was fine. Did the usual 8 miles, although this time I had to actually stop and get off a few times. I did force myself to make it up the hills at the end, though. I need to 1) get my own bike and 2) bike more frequently.

Also discovered that the Greeneway is the first Rails to Trails project in South Carolina. I’d heard of the program back in Kentucky, but I don’t think there’s one in Lexington. (Yet?) At any rate, it’s really cool to live so close to one. Since it used to be a train track, we’ve got underpasses and a neat green metal bridge. :)