Just a quick update…

DAY ONE was mostly successful, although I forgot to pack meat for Sean’s sandwich, and the bread was moldy anyway (ew). I’m not sure how these things got past me, but maybe that just means I shouldn’t try to pack lunches in the morning! Regardless, he didn’t eat lunch that day anyway, and so he didn’t discover these things until he opened his lunch to eat it for dinner.

Which leads me to the second thing…I got home from work thinking I’d go swimming, but there was a bunch of people at the pool, so I stayed in and piddled around a little, and then I was a little frustrated about what I was going to eat for dinner, so I ate two slices of cheese and lay down for a nap. Then I didn’t get up until midnight, when I laid out my clothes for today and went back to sleep! So yesterday afternoon wasn’t especially productive.

This morning I walked twice around the complex, this time without the handweights (I want to let the muscles build back up, since I’ve heard this is smart, so I’m going to do the weights every other day), and then I went to the workout room for five minutes of stairclimber, 40 crunches, 20 of those weird crunches where you bring elbows and knees together, and 60 back raises (I figure I should at least match the stomach exercises, so my muscles in the front and back aren’t unbalanced). Then I did four on each side of each kick and punch from kung fu that I could think of, and walked on the treadmill for five minutes.

There was a cockroach and a centipede on the floor. Pretty gross.

Today after work I’m going biking with Mari and Kelly (and maybe Brooke?). So that’s good.