Four hours to go…X_X

I’m feeling an odd mix of sleepy and alert, which isn’t very helpful at the moment. I didn’t quite get a lunch break–I suppose I wasn’t technically working during the time, but since I had to run home, grab a Slim Fast, and come right back to cover the phone, it wasn’t exactly relaxing.

I’m listening to “Hinata vs. Neji” from Naruto, because it’s soothing. (Naruto has some great music.) Robert’s out taking a lunch order, and I’m about to go off my “break” and start in on some new member kits (complete with spiffy magnets). I also need to call some potential CSRs and schedule appointments with them for tomorrow. Shudder.

Tomorrow is also payday…that’s a consolation.

After work, I need to go get bread. I’m just writing that again to remind myself.