I am up way too late.

I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday. I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. Sean will be gone all weekend at a LAN party, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. So far my plans include sleep, sleep, and sleep.

I went biking with Mari, Kelly, and Chris tonight. For about the first half of the trail (a quarter of our total distance), I felt terrible. My legs were burning, and not in a good way, but in a “they’re about to fall off” way. Finally I got Kelly to raise the seat for me…and things were infinitely better. I was still tired, but that’s understandable. As Mari pointed out, this is my first time doing the full track twice in one week.

Towards the end of the ride, it started drizzling. We hurried to get back, and to my amazement I was able to ride up the hill quickly and with less effort than normal. I’d been expecting to have to get off and walk, after that long ride.

We went to Monterrey for dinner, then went by Mari and Kelly’s new house (it’s almost finished!) and then went back to their apartment and watched several episodes of El Hazard. The weirdness was a bit much for Chris. I think it’s all right, though I’d really like to see it subbed instead of dubbed. I guess I’m one of those “purists” or something…I feel like I understand an anime on a deeper level when I hear it in Japanese.

Speaking of which…the end of Sailor Moon 35, where Usagi realizes that Minako is Sailor Venus, was very striking to me the other day. So much so that when I was pulling out of my apartment complex later, and traffic wouldn’t let me go for awhile, I cried out “Uso!” instead of my usual curse. :>

Anyway, I do love Jinnai’s dubbed laughter…it’s pretty damn funny. He’s probably my favorite character, to be honest. The rest are kind of bland, even the evil bishounen child molester and the horny lesbian.

Planning on going biking with the same crew tomorrow. Yes, I am insane. O_o Maybe I can convince them all to come swimming afterwards.

Okay, it’s like, totally time for bed.