I had a Harry Potter dream last night.

Apparently this means I get to join the club. But my dream was pretty lame. It was just me reading the books, where someone had worked out all the secret codes. All of them pointed to Harry Potter’s death. There was a big advertisement along the side of one page with a purple-clothed fortune telling lady; she had tons of blue eyeshadow on, hoop earrings, a long, crooked nose, and a calm, thoughtful expression. The main text of the ad said “LIES! ALL LIES! Harry Potter will not die! For a true prediction, decipher my code.”

(Side note: Whoever says you can’t read in dreams is some kind of freak. I’ve always been able to read in dreams.)

Someone had come along and deciphered the code. It came out to a bunch of “lucky” numbers, that I guess the person didn’t bother to decode, because along with them came this text: “The truth is 9, 7,…” (the numbers fell here) “…this prediction cannot be completed due to insufficient funds. Please remit the following charges.” (That wasn’t exactly what it said; I don’t actually remember, but that was the gist.)

So all the big predictions and secret messages spell doom for Harry Potter, but if you want the one, shining beacon of hope that he will in fact survive, you have to pay the fortune teller.

Why couldn’t I have had a magic class dream, like Mari, or a Quidditch dream, like Chris? ;>