January 9, 1992 (13 years old)

I am using all of these pages so I can catch up on the year. Right now I’m at Kitty’s. We got her from the cancer place and took her back to her apartment. There, we watched MacGyver.

9:44 PM – Now I’m home. Earlier we went to Randall’s, which is behind Little Caesar’s across from Kitty’s. We bought groceries for Kitty and then, when we got back, ordered a pizza. It was good, and while we ate we watched the very first Superman in the black-and-white series that eventually turned all color. It was neat.

Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday. I am giving him an electric shaver with Mom & the boys that cost like 60 bucks. But he won’t know that.

Well, now let me explain a bit about myself. I’m 13, but will turn 14 in May this year. I go to school at JCMS (Jessamine County Middle School) and am in 8th grade. I love my teachers. In fact, I always love my teachers.

I’m different from everyone else in that I’m smarter and weirder…or at least I show that I’m weird.

I like to write stories about the Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck. I also like to write essays and poems. I was entered in the Governor’s Cup Competition the past two years. In 6th grade I won 2nd place in Distric and Regional competitions but nothing at State. Then in 7th grade I won 4th in District and nothing in Regional. This year I hope to do better.

Another talent I have is drawing. I have been doing this since I was a small child, so I suppose practice helped me get so good. Drawing projects seem fairly easy to me, yet I set my goals so high. And then I’m discouraged if I don’t do well.

I suppose I am a creative person. At the end of each school year, some classes give awards to the students. If there’s a creative award, I get it. Well, I can’t help it although it drives me crazy that that’s the main word people associate with me.

Today’s Thursday. Yesterday at church people wrote nice things about a certain person on that person’s card which was taped to their back. When I read mine, shockingly none of them had written “creative”. There was “artistic” though, and someone even wrote “pretty”. I wonder if that person had the right girl. I know I’m not pretty.

As for school, I am pretty well rounded in all subjects. I have Algebra 1, French, Social Studies, Shop, English (Advanced), Art, and Advanced Science, which is the hardest because no one in our class listens and then we fail the tests. But mostly I get A’s. I got straight A’s on my report card and midterms are coming out next Wednesday.

Maybe you’d like to know what I look like. I have long blond hair that reaches to my waist with bangs so long they’re not bangs anymore. I have blue eyes, freckles, accented cheekbones, small eyes, and glasses. As for my body…I have a womanly frame but blubber covering it up.

Pet peeves- rudeness, Satan, people who make fun of classical music, etc.

I LOVE: pizza, the Turtles, Darkwing Duck, painting T-shirts, having parties, root beer, and playing the piano.

Oh. Did I neglect to mention that I am a pianist? Well I am. I’ve been playing for six years, ’92 being the seventh. Come Nov. and I’ll have reached 7.

I love to read too. My brothers, AJ, 12, and Ben, 10, aren’t as interested in books as I am.

Je suis fatiguee (YAWN). It’s 10:00. Actually 10:13. I’ll need to get up early since there’s school tomorrow.

Speaking of school, I need to tell who I hang with!

Surprisingly, the majority of my friends live in Wilmore, a tiny town near Nicholasville, where I live, which is a small town near Lexington. My friends live in Wilmore because their fathers are all going to Asbury College training to be ministers. When they’re finished, the family will move away. This has already happened to me and will happen again.

First I’ll tell you about Noelle Mitchell. She’s my all-time BEST friend, but she lives in Maryland. Her dad’s a minister, and she moved away.

We used to do so much stuff! We saw The Little Mermaid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze, and The Rocketeer in the theater. Cool! But now she’s gone. We call each other long-distance and write letters.

As for other friends, there are: Christy Bremer, who will be moving this year, Melodie Horst, moving, Kristanne Harden, not moving, “Teeny”, not moving. Those are my basic friends, but there are lots more. I’m in Frnech with Teeny & Kristanne and we love to parler francais! Our teacher, Madame Fields, est formidable.

My mom is a wonderful person. She comes up with great party ideas. I had a sweatshirt painting party the 20th of Dec. and am planning on having a party where we’ll make earrings. Cool!

Well, I’m tired and there’s school tomorrow. It’s 10:25, January 9, 1992. (Dix Vingtquatre, le neuf Janvier, mil neuf cent quatre-vingt douze.)

Well, gotta pray. Be back tomorrow. G’night.