Weekends have to count

Robert reminded me that “food as a reward” is a bad idea. I knew that already, but it was good to get the reminder. So today is DAY EIGHT.

Having my delicious Slim Fast right now :) Tennis with Paul is on for 4:30. Tomorrow will be biking with the usual crew, then tennis on Wednesday, then biking on Thursday. I don’t think I have anything planned for Friday, but I hope to at least make sure I don’t skip my morning workout again.

I’m thinking about buying some roller skates and skating around the complex when I have free time, too. I don’t know if I want to get roller blades or not. I’m not bad on them, though they are tiring, but they kind of hurt my feet. I’m not sure if that would go away or not. It’s the same thing I experience on ice skates, but I’ve never ice skated frequently enough over a long enough period of time to be able to tell if it would stop hurting.

Mari wrote recently in her blog that it’s important to look in the mirror every day and evaluate yourself so you don’t become complacent. That’s an interesting idea. To do that effectively, I would need to get a full-length mirror. I typically look okay from the waist up; it’s seeing the effect of my waistline on the look of my legs that gets me. (In other words, I’m fairly proportional, so you can’t really tell how overweight I am without getting the full effect of my thigh to ankle ratio. Let’s not even go into the stomach ;P)

I’ve wanted a full-length mirror for awhile, but I’ve actually never owned one. I wonder what my reaction would be.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. We were going to have Cheryl and Reid over for dinner, but I ended up flipping out, so we canceled it. At first I thought I was legitimately angry, but it turned out that I was overstressing myself. I’d put off starting the dinner until after I finished Harry Potter, and that left me with about 45 minutes to decide and start cooking. I’d already felt like I wanted to cancel the day, but I felt guilty too because it was Father’s Day and I wanted Reid to feel special and important. So I essentially freaked myself out, and it was only after a long time of crying in Sean’s arms that I came out of it.

He says I have these mood swings every few weeks. It’s kind of annoying, because I like being in control of stuff, and going overemotional shows a distinct lack of control.

Still haven’t had my period. From my journal it looks like the other one started on Sunday, May 16 and ended about a week later (I don’t know if I noted exactly when it ended anywhere, but obviously it ended before May 26, because that’s when I had the GYN visit). So I guess it isn’t all that late, if a standard cycle takes 28 days. 28 days ago was May 24, so that’s like a week. I was never “regular”, so I guess I can expect it sometime soon. In that case, maybe my horrendous mood was PMS.