Worked a full 8 hours, no break today.  It feels like I work more now that I have “fewer” hours…

Tomorrow’s the last day before my vacation.  I don’t think I have enough time to get done what I need to before I leave.  I read an article on MSN awhile back about people who have horrible, stressful vacations because they try to do too much beforehand and then spend the whole time worrying about what didn’t get done.  I could see that happening to me :P  I even (in a fit of irrationality that I now regret) offered to telecommute while I’m in Kentucky…:P

So, I’m just trying to unwind now.  Ate a late lunch, checked websites, looked for Sailor Moon 40 (not yet…grr…), and now I’m just trying to decide what I want to do with myself for the rest of the day.  Bwah.  A nice nap sounds wonderful, but I don’t know if I want to do that.  The possibility of biking also exists…we’ll have to see about that.

Speaking of which, I meant to go to a bike shop today, but it totally slipped my mind, what with all the MIND NUMBING STRESS…