Kill me. Kill me now.

I guess it’s at least drawn by a Japanese person. I think.

Princess Ai is a mind-bending trip co-created by alt-rock goddess Courtney Love and featuring some of the most cutting-edge manga art in Japan, including chara designs by famed manga-ka Yazawa Ai.

Damn, Tokyopop is so cool. “Chara designs.” Yes, we are far too hip to use real words.

And apparently Courtney Love is a goddess. I never knew that.

Princess Ai is co-created by DJ Milky, who likes to eat ramen late at night and bananas for breakfast. Addicted to digital and analog fusion, Milky is in a constant state of flux and irk. Life’s one reward comes in the form of making stories, music, and lately shooting DV. Milky has composed a few songs for TOKYOPOP including School’s in Session (GTO), Initialize (Initial D), and Worthy of Your Soul (Reign), as well as writing Karma Club and two upcoming Stray Sheep books. Milky is currently in development on two manga projects as well as staring intently into the vortex.

Well, at least we know that the vortex is in safe hands.

(I assume “DV” means something like music videos, though I’m really not sure. It sounds an awful lot like a drug, though, given the context :>)