Bed beckons

Just wanted to post that I’ve had a nice day :)  Had a lovely time with Sean right when he got home from work, and after that Brooke came over and we made curry.  Then we ate it and watched live action Sailor Moon!  We also had ice cream.

We made it through five episodes, enough to see the introduction of Moon, Mercury, and Mars, and some trials and tribulations for those three.  Much to my delight, Brooke really enjoyed it!  She wants to watch more :)  I’m glad I have someone to watch it with :)

I’m hoping to finagle my way over to Mari and Kelly’s tomorrow to see what their house looks like with all their stuff in it.  We’ll see.

Work went well today.  I made a training document and worked through it step by step with Wanda, and that really helped.  Today was much calmer, and she seemed to really be grasping what was going on.  I was so relieved.  Yesterday was just evil.

Looking forward to Saturday :)  Flying out of AGS straight to LEX.  That will be so nice :D  Although I think the reality of the distance involved may be cut down with the drive omitted.  (Small price to pay!)