DAY 22

One lap around apartment complex with handweights

5 minutes on stairclimber

50 crunches

30 each side lats

30 each side obliques

50 back raises

20 wuss pushups

20 each side inner thigh raises

20 each side inner thigh opposite-leg-over-knee

20 each side side leg lifts

20 scissor kicks

Came back after that, thinking that I needed to make Sean’s lunch, but when I got here I remembered that we used up all the bread yesterday making tuna fish sandwiches for Mari, Kelly, and Chris. (Sean did figure out what was up with Kelly’s new computer, which was good–sort of. As Sean put it, “Do you want the bad news, or the bad news?”)

So I may go ahead and stick some ramen in his lunch box, and maybe those leftover Krystals, but I won’t be horribly offended if he goes out to eat instead.

As for me, I really ought to make a lunch for myself, but I’m not sure what to make. I guess I could try to make a salad, but I don’t have any meat prepared…though I guess I could use lunchmeat. (I guess I don’t really have any excuses.)

I’m making a grocery list for when I get off work today (at 11! wh00t!), and I keep thinking I’m forgetting something…

There were loads of bugs in the workout room today. I hate lying on that floor doing crunches or leg lifts and wondering if a spider is about to crawl onto me ;P

I plan on doing some sort of exercise after I get home this afternoon. I may try pilates, since I still haven’t messed around with the stuff Brooke lent me. We’ll see. (To be honest, I didn’t like it very much when we tried it at her house. The movements seemed really easy, and yet I couldn’t do them. It made me feel really inferior :> As with everything, practice is required. I just don’t like feeling so far behind right at the outset, I guess.)

Still haven’t had my next period. The last one started on May 16 and ended around May 23. So I guess it’ll be three weeks late come Wednesday (though I could be mistaken; I’ve never bothered charting a period before). I don’t know if that means anything, since the period came out of nowhere, but given the strength of the first one, I guess I just assumed that it would go normally from now on. (Then again, I’m not sure how regular my periods were before.)

Still need to shower, so I’m off for now–oh, before I go, let me mention that I’m getting better at the wuss pushups, and I may either increase the number or start trying to do real ones soon. It really helps to not sit around thinking “I suck at pushups, I’ve always sucked at pushups, and I’ll never be able to do them right”, and instead just go ahead and do them.