DAY 26

I’m not actually working out today, at least not this morning. My lower back is sort of achey, and I think it needs a little rest.

I am hopefully going biking with “the gang” tonight, though :) Chris and I didn’t make it out to ride last night. (I also haven’t been playing tennis for awhile…it’s been kinda hot…)

Today I work from 11 to 3, so I’m still at home in my nightgown. I’m going to call the gyn here in a bit and ask him what he thinks of my situation. If he says I need to come in and have bloodwork done, then I’ll schedule something for next week I guess…though that’ll be harder since I’m working 8 hour shifts next week. I should have taken that into consideration :P

Anyway, I’ll talk to the gyn and then talk to Robert about it.

I get my new desk and new computer today, and I get to assemble both. So, no dressing up for me today. Jeans and a t-shirt will do :>

I’m not sure what desk Robert will have ended up getting for me. Hopefully it’s a good one with workspace…I wish it would have a file drawer, but I’m afraid it probably won’t :/ I’d really rather not keep all the files I use over in the Dispatch desk, because I’d have to crawl past the dispatcher whenever I needed something :P

We’ll see.

I’m listening to Hikaru no Go music right now. Good stuff. I haven’t watched any more episodes yet, but I probably will soon, either tonight or this weekend.

The music from that show is phenomenal.

Well, anyway, that’s about it. I feel like I have something else to say, but I’m probably just nervous about calling the gyn. I’m going to get to work on writing out what I need to ask, so I don’t forget anything.