DAY 36

This is the thirty-sixth day of my new lifestyle.  I consider last week, during which I didn’t work out at all, to be a part of it, because in order to be healthy one has to take breaks when necessary.  These breaks aren’t setbacks.  They’re part of the path towards wellness.  My back was hurting, and it was not feasible to work it out last week.  Since resting and using a heating pad Mari gave me, my back is feeling much better, and I was able to do my workout routine this morning at almost the same level I was at before the break.


This was my schedule this morning:


5:00-5:15: Wake up, get dressed, stretch.


5:15-5:45: Work out:

1 lap around complex (no weights)

3 minutes stairclimber

50 crunches

20 knees-to-elbows

30 each side obliques

30 each side lats

50 back raises

20 wuss pushups

30 each side outside inner thigh lifts

30 each side inside inner thigh lifts

30 each side side leg lifts (these were especially hard this time, don’t know why)

20 scissor kicks

30 (+10) each side glutes

30 (+10) calf raises


5:45-6:00: Make Sean’s lunch (turkey and swiss, ramen)


6:00-6:15: Shower


And since 6:15, I’ve been getting dressed and typing this post.  Whee!


I’d like to be able to devote a full hour to my morning workout, but I get up quite early enough as it is, thank you.  If I worked out until 6:15, I’d have barely enough time to shower and get dressed before leaving for work.  That’s not ideal…the morning, for me, is time to wake up and get ready for the day, not time to freak out and rush out the door.


I’m so particular about things…I don’t like stressing out, and I try to avoid things that are boring.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m just weird.  It seems like other people accept stressing out and boredom as part of everyday life.  I tend to refuse to accept either one–in fact, they make me rather grouchy.  I guess I figure…we only have this life.  Why spend so much of it doing things we don’t want to?  I do wonder if this view is unrealistic, though.


Ah, I feel great :)  I’m glad to be back on my regular routine again.  Last week I got up at 6 am instead of 5 every morning, and I went to work already wishing I could come home.  Today I feel fine.  (Of course, that might also have something to do with the fact that I’m only working a half day today ;>)