My back still hurts…

…BUT it seems to feel better after I’ve been at work for awhile. The answer? It’s gotta be the chair.

I sit in a pretty nice chair at work. It’s not an Aeron by any means, but it’s no slouch, either. It’s comfortable and supportive, and I’m positive that’s what’s soothing my poor back.

But then I come home and sit in a metal folding chair at the computer, or stretch out on a futon. Bleh.

We have a La-Z-Boy too, but it’s never done much for me in terms of support. And Dad’s old loveseat isn’t all that comfortable.

So really, we have nothing worth sitting or lying on anywhere in this apartment.

Most times, I’m okay, but when I have a sore back, I think it drags on far longer than it has to because of my apartment’s lack of ergonomics.

I didn’t work out this morning; I decided last night that my back needed a total break, and I was really tired anyway so I set the alarm for 6 instead of 5. I didn’t want to get up even then, but I managed it, somehow wrestled into my clothes (everything is such a chore when your back hurts too much to move), and headed off for work, stopping to get a McDonald’s breakfast on the way.

Now I’m eating an exorbitantly expensive deli sandwich and drinking a smoothie.

Work was fine today, although the latter half was spent in something of a daze. I felt really out of it. I spent quite a bit of time wrestling with Windows XP, to no avail. It’ll be a miracle if I can get a printer installed…