So, I’m just a little stressed…

More lunch orders than usual today, which is good, except that I have to do CSR/Dispatch, which is bad because I hate it. I also have had some projects, some of which are done, some of which are close to done, and some of which I haven’t even freaking started.

The one I’m most worried about is a writing chore that could take up quite a bit of time, and I only have until 3 to get moving on it. I guess I have more than a day, but I’m not sure how long exactly I have, and I know the work is needed soon. Somehow, writing for a job doesn’t seem as easy as just writing stuff on my own ;P

Plus, orders have been failing to go to the restaurant printers left and right, so I’ve had to call in loads of them.

I hate doing CSR/Dispatch.

I’m only doing it this week because my coworker is on vacation in Florida. She’ll be back on Monday. I just have to live through these three hours, and then tomorrow, and then I’m done. And I get to (hopefully) go on vacation myself the week after next…and then Sean and I are going to Boston the following week. Hopefully my vacations will bring more peace than stress.

Right now I’m upset because a delivery order is late. Something I couldn’t control. The driver apparently misunderstood me, even though I told him when to pick it up numerous times. What’s frustrating is that he’s a really good driver, so I don’t know why he misunderstood. It’s the stuff like this, the stuff I can’t control that screws up the service, that makes me hate doing CSR/Dispatch. There will always be issues like this, and you just have to deal with them when you’re working customer service. But every problem rips away at my morale and tears my peace of mind into shreds.

People never seem to understand why I don’t like CSR/Dispatch, even when I explain it. I guess everyone thinks it’s something that I can just learn to deal with. Maybe it is. Maybe I’m just weak because I can’t handle it right now. I don’t know. And I don’t care, either, because I don’t want to do it :P