Boston pics are all up now.

I’ve uploaded, organized, and captioned the pics. They are available here.

It was a really great trip. I loved meeting David; he’s a great guy and a wonderful travel companion. Boston and Providence were both beautiful, and I really enjoyed taking pictures of both. I wish the trip had been a little longer, but I guess it’s better to leave wanting more than to leave thoroughly tired of the place.

The bad thing about vacations is how much I eat, and how I get used to having dessert with pretty much every meal. I made grilled chicken, onions, and bell peppers with egg noodles tonight, and it was very filling, and I was content when I finished, but now I’m thinking I should be eating some sort of brownie or pie, with ice cream. It’s just wrong! I don’t need dessert! O_O

I wish I could just travel all the time, and that I didn’t have to go to work…or, if anything, I could do my work from the road…