1 lap around complex with handweights

6 minutes stairclimber

5 minutes treadmill with handweights

50 crunches

20 knees to elbows

30 each side obliques

30 each side lats

30 back raises

20 wuss pushups

30 each side outside inner thigh raises

30 each side inside inner thigh raises

30 each side side leg lifts

20 scissor kicks

30 each side glutes

20 calf raises

I actually got up at 4:30 or so today. I guess I woke up naturally due to going to bed at a decent hour (9:30 pm). I took my time getting dressed and stretching, and even read the Spring House newsletter that came out yesterday (apparently they’re handing out free breakfast next Thursday…I always miss their free stuff, hopefully I’ll remember to go get something).

I’m wearing my contacts for the first time since Boston. You see, while there, I realized that I hadn’t brought any saline, so I borrowed David’s. Only it wasn’t saline, it was peroxide, and I was supposed to put in a little pill thingie to neutralize it. I did not do this.

Let’s just say that after I managed to claw the lens out of my right eye, it was bright red and smarting and remained so for the rest of the day.

When I found out about the neutralizing pill, I put them in with my contacts, and then when I got home I washed them repeatedly with saline…but until today I hadn’t tried putting them in again. Fortunately, it looks like they’re fine, and my eyes don’t hurt at all.

I do need to go to the eye doctor, though…my prescription is pretty old, so I might need a new one anyway.

It occurred to me this morning that blogging is right up my alley. In high school, I used to write journal entries on notebook paper, and then let other people read them. That was easier for me than actually telling them how I was feeling. I shared some pretty intense stuff with my friends that way. It was like a LiveJournal! Only, it was actually live! ;>

Work yesterday was fine. We didn’t get any orders while I was there (which is a horrible thing to rejoice about, but there you have it), and Robert and I discussed some ideas and changes in the online market (specifically, Google and Yahoo!’s forays into restaurant directories). I like it when we discuss the theories behind the business; that’s when I really feel like I’m learning stuff.

That’s about it. Need a quick shower before I head to work. Bye ;>