I slept too much

Now I feel like I want to sleep forever. I’m not tired, particularly, but I don’t want to be awake. It’s annoying.

Blogger has an article up about adding Google AdSense to a blog. I’ve thought about doing that before. Not sure if it’s a good idea or not. It would be nice if it actually made me some money, but I don’t think I write enough to warrant it. What I do write is personal for the most part, though I have gone into some essays every now and then. Frankly, with what I write now, I’m not going to attract a large enough audience to make ads profitable.

One of the reasons I wanted different site sections was so I could put more targeted, essay-like blog entries elsewhere, leaving this page for my random ramblings. If I do manage to do that at some point (and it occurred to me last night that I can simply use JavaScript to call a list of my blogs for the sidebar), then I might put ads on some of the more targeted content.

Does that make sense, or should I just not worry about ads at all? I’m interested in responses from all three of you ;)

Also, you may note that I’ve added an “Email Post” link. That’s Blogger’s doing; they just added the feature.