I spoke with the assistant to someone famous today

“Good morning, this is Heather; can I help you?” I said, answering the phone at work.

I wasn’t really paying attention to what the person on the other end was saying until she got to a part about a “performer” who was coming into Augusta and who didn’t care for the food at the hotel where she planned to stay. “We were wondering if it would be all right to use your service to deliver her meals.”

I said something dumb like “Yes, that would be fine!”

“Great; I’ll make her some copies of the menus and give her your phone number.”

“All right. That will be fine,” I said again. Something like that. Something dumb ;> “Thank you,” I said, and we hung up.

I’d never had something like that happen before, so it’s understandable that I didn’t know what to say. What I probably should have said was, “Can we make up a menu packet for her? I can have someone bring it over.” Then we probably should have given her some 2go-Bucks, too :>

It’s probably not kosher to say who it was publicly, but I will note that when I said her first name (I couldn’t remember her last name), Robert and Tammy both knew exactly who I was talking about. They were surprised and delighted. So I guess she is well-known around here :) Kind of cool.