You know what job would suck?

Air traffic controller on Coruscant ;P

After The Pallbearer ended, I watched Episode II, which was on HBO. And you know…I like it. It’s a good movie. There is only one thing that annoys me, and that’s Threepio’s overdone puns. Otherwise, I’m really happy with it.

Even the so-called “wooden” acting…I think Padme and Anakin’s scenes work because their love isn’t pure, isn’t true, isn’t based on a solid foundation. Their love is based on a mutual desire to escape their societal roles, roles they took on before they were old enough to understand what they were doing. The rest of it is simple lust. They feel trapped, and the only way to express this emotion, to “fight back”, is to love each other, to indulge in the exciting feeling of doing something “wrong”.

It’s ironic that this forbidden love, this betrayal of the very rules the two of them pledged their lives to protect, is actually, in the end, what saves the galaxy from Palpatine’s Empire.

This is only the second time I’ve seen the movie. I think I was afraid to watch it again because I kept hearing how other people dislike it. I was afraid that I would realize that my first impression was wrong, and that all it was was bad acting after all. But no, I think I’m right.

Either way, I enjoyed the movie :)

I guess I should have dinner at some point.