Bill Hunt, get out of my head

After all my bitching and moaning about getting these films on DVD over the years… my occasional tantrums and frequent soap box proclamations… am I finally a happy Star Wars fan? You know, I don’t even know what the words “happy Star Wars fan” mean anymore. But am I secretly giddy that I finally have these films on DVD? Yeah, I am. I hate myself a little for it, but such is the curse of Star Wars geeks everywhere. No matter how angry and jaded I get, I still get chills when that logo crashes across my screen and that familiar John Williams fanfare blares over my speakers. Yeah, I got a bit of the goosebumps when I found out that Episode III was going to be called Revenge of the Sith. And yeah, I’ll go to whatever crap movie the Episode III teaser trailer is attached to just for a couple minutes of eXtreme geek-out time. Don’t even try to pretend that a lot of you don’t feel the exact same way. We’re a pretty pathetic bunch aren’t we?

Yes, yes we are.

(Apparently “1138” was the code for the Prequel DVDs’ Easter eggs too…I didn’t know this, as I don’t own them. Such is life :>)