I discovered that I’d mislabeled a post about BSSM 44 as BSSM 47. So I fixed it.

That sentence is there as filler in case you scanned through but didn’t really want to read the spoilers. I’m probably going to stop doing spoiler warnings, though.

This episode was fantastic. I burst into tears–twice!

Makoto–who was alive, by the way–finally had her moment of revelation. Minako, ironically, was the one to lead her there, but Makoto didn’t quite get it until she found Motoki sprawled on the street, life-force drained almost to nothing by Metallia’s strange youma. “My powers awakened…not because I was alone, but because I wasn’t alone.” And she clutched his hand as I sobbed into mine.

Artemis cried at Minako, “Live! I want you to live!”

And finally…as she realized that she did want to live, and not just as Venus but as Aino Minako…she transformed, glowing, bright gold, her powers complete. I bawled.

So many other great things, though the above are the best.

Mamoru slumped to the ground, as his picture appeared fully in the painting–marking his death?–and Jadeite looked on, his dispassionate mask finally crumbling.

Luna told Usagi everyone’s decision to fight without her…but then she came, at the end, when they finally knew that they couldn’t fight without her…and together they decimated the youma.

The Princess’ power was harnessed, not to feed the youma, but to send life-force back to its victims. (With the youma gone, is Metallia’s connection to the Princess completely severed?)

And finally…the Sailor Team, minus Usagi, strode confidently together down a cobbled stone street, and Ami paused, looked back, and said, “Usagi-chan…” A team, yes, but not quite complete.

It was beautiful. It was all so beautiful.