A happy day

Today is good.

I just feel content, and ready to take on anything.

It’s at least partially because fall is here.

The leaves are turning, all of a sudden. But what I love the most is the slight crispness in the air, the gently biting breeze. I love that when I left work today and walked outside, it was cooler out there than inside.

I love that I wore long sleeves and didn’t feel hot.

I love that I haven’t had the air conditioning on in our apartment for two days. I just have the windows open and the fans blowing. I love that I can hear the water fountain in the pond, the ducks quack-mumbling quietly in the grass below my window. I love that gusts of wind blow sweet cool air through my apartment.

I love fall. I love the feeling of change, the feeling that something exciting is beginning. I love the comfort of life getting ready to take a nap. I love that I can fully appreciate the transition, that I’ll still be here when the world’s asleep, that I’ll get to see what the slumbering giant is missing.

I leave you all with this sweet fall picture of my nephew Logan. (Click for the enlargement.) In Kentucky, they already get to wear jackets!

Logan holding the stem of a pumpkin