Another Zuma post

An anonymous person kindly informed me this morning (what’s with Blogger not putting the date on comments?) that I could get a lot more points if I beat the game by going through from level 1-1 all the way to the end, and that it took about 3 hours.

Well, I actually finished up doing that yesterday afternoon! And it did take about 3 hours. :)

I had seven lives left when it was over, and my final score was 1,312,530. I think I made four combinations and my longest chain was something like 22. Unfortunately I didn’t screencap the win, but here’s a screencap of my high scores list, if you don’t believe me:


It was cool, Sean was watching as I played through the last two rounds, and he was pretty impressed.

I also like that the game translates the frog’s “ribbits” after you’ve beaten it. So now I know what he was saying the whole time! :)