Crazy things going on in the world

It’s like something out of a cartoon! Remember that episode (of Freakazoid!?) with the supervillain (Guitierrez? The Internet tells me nossing!) in low-security prison, with waiters, drinks, cell phones, and a huge golf course? Drug smugglers in the Phillippines are living the dream.

Support our troops! Yes, support our troops, and their Constitutional right to have public sex at the Alamo.

I recently watched an episode of Africa on PBS that told of a tribe living in what seemed to be an oasis; they had a very interesting cooperative relationship with a family of crocodiles living in the water. The village shaman/butcher would feed the crocodiles, and in return, the crocodiles didn’t attack the humans. Interestingly, while they were well-fed and reproduced regularly, the crocodiles’ population stayed stable. It was really kind of neat.

In Australia, however, where symbiosis of man and nature isn’t quite as complete, crocodiles must endure the occasional inevitable granny attacks.

Ah, if only this kid had remembered what Smokey the Bear used to say. (I’m sure there was something about spark arresters in one of those educational films…)

And there you have it.

I’m in the mood to search for Freakazoid! episodes on the Internet now :D

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May as well add this one, since I can’t seem to actually publish this post. Ron Jeremy was goatse’d! And it’s not really all that spectacular! But I guess it’s funny.