Googling oneself

Jes did it to her boyfriend in her most recent blog post, and then Kevin did it to himself over on the AMRN, so now I want to find some cool websites about me.

Unfortunately, “Heather Meadows” is a common name for subdivisions and apartment complexes, and, apparently, patches of wilderness:

It’s a view most people see only during this area’s painfully short summer season. On those days, you can drive your car all the way to Artist Point, a scenic viewpoint at the end of the Mount Baker Highway, 56 miles east of Bellingham and about three miles beyond the Mount Baker Ski Area. Those last three miles of road climb through a steep, magical mountain valley known as Heather Meadows.

I’m all about magical mountain valleys, don’t get me wrong. And apparently Heather Meadows is quite lovely, and there is a lot of interesting stuff to read about it, like the following:

The good news was that Heather Meadows hosted its first ski tournament in 1930. The bad news was that the lodge burned to the ground in 1931.

But I was kind of hoping to find a person named Heather Meadows.

In order to find people, I’m including other keywords, like “dead” or “obituary” or “news”. I’m not having a whole lot of luck, although I did discover that I’m apparently allergic to ragweed (just do a Find, since there are several articles on that page).

Oooh! I was on the Dean’s List at the University of Nebraska Omaha in fall 2003! (And apparently I’m from Ralston.)

I also apparently own cats, and live with/am married to(?) a guy named Tim, and have a thing for Alice in Wonderland. (Her/my name’s not anywhere on the site, but it is listed in this FAQ from a swing dance(?) mailing list. Powers of deduction, my friends…though that’s not really deduction, it’s just following links…) And I helped with the site construction of Login_Lore, according to somebody named Tapeworm. (With as few HMs as have shown up, it makes me wonder if this is the same person as miss Alice…)

Actually, now I’m seeing a lot of “Heather Meadows” references pointing to that Alice girl. I wonder if I should change my name…

Wait! I found a different one! She’s married to a guy named Mike, and she posts on some site called Zogby Blog, whose archives just froze my browser. Great!