Health update

I haven’t exercised lately at all, but I’ve been sticking to my diet. I feel like I keep being allocated way too many calories to eat in a day, and I don’t end up eating them all, usually. (Today, for example, I’m allowed 1902 calories. That’s kind of scary.)

I figure I won’t worry about trying to match their calorie limit, as long as I don’t go over. That was Sam’s advice, and I dunno, I tend to trust Sam ;>

My weight has gone down another half pound since yesterday, meaning my total weight loss since October 3 is 7.5 pounds. That’s pretty good :D

Dr. Chudgar had me do some labwork at Mullins, and I told Mom what the out of range numbers were. She said that it’s not too bad, that I seem to have some allergies. She also said that my cholesterol and lipids could stand to go down, and she suggested eating oatmeal and sushi. I’m game for that :D

I’m going to be finding a regular practitioner soon, and set up some kind of introductory appointment with him/her, so hopefully I’ll get more advice then.

After I get that out of the way, the next thing I want to focus on is finding a good dentist.

Hopefully I can get Sean to go to the doctor and dentist, too.