Health update

I haven’t really felt like blogging anything in particular lately. Not sure why. Then again, “lately” hasn’t really been all that long.

At any rate, my blood pressure was 115/90 this morning. The top number, the systolic, seems to have been steadily decreasing. I’m wondering if I just suck at taking my own blood pressure. Meanwhile, the diastolic is hovering around 90.

Just took it again, and the systolic is now 125, while the diastolic is 85. :>

Mari and I walked for an hour around her neighborhood. It was a pretty good workout. My new Payless sneakers work much better for walking than my Wal-Mart sneakers. (While I was at Payless I also snagged a cute pair of black clogs. They were on sale for like, $7!! I love Payless :D)

DietPower has been working okay, I think. My main problem today has been remembering all the water I’ve been drinking. It’s nice to have a record of that, though.

I have 1389 calories left for the day, and I’m not sure I’m going to use them. Then again, tonight’s Asian orange salmon might be costly. Plus I’m going to make white rice, which can really do you in.

Blah, I feel utterly boring today, so I’m going to stop writing :)