I’ve lost my Zuma mojo

I started back at level 1-1 to try and build up a bunch of lives to use in 13-1. This plan was working pretty nicely until around level 8 or so…then I started dying. By the time I made it to level 12, I was down to the same number of lives I would have normally had if I’d just started playing on 12-1. :P I lost those quickly, and now I have the option of either starting over, or just trying to beat my way through 12 and hope I can somehow pass 13-1. I’ve been doing the latter, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. I barely make it through 12-1!

The only thing I can think of that has psyched me out about this, and that fits the timing, is the fact that my coworker, who took up Zuma recently, has already beaten 13-1. Now I go into it with the opinion that since I’ve been playing level 12 for months, I should be able to beat it easily. And that’s just not the case.

My shots have been sloppy, and I think my tactics are distracted. I think it must be because I feel like I’m in a game of catch-up.

I tried not to let it concern me when she told me she’d beaten the game. I congratulated her, and I seriously didn’t think I was letting myself fall into jealousy. But I’ve been sucking at the game ever since…so that’s probably all it is.

It’s pretty ridiculous to be crippled like this over a game.