Vibrators! Plus, my conscience appears

I thought I’d embrace sexuality with my followup post, and point out two items that are presented as being for children, and yet…somehow…are not.

Of course, the previous post has me thinking a lot about sexual harrassment, so I wanted to ask my little readership (that’s not a crack about the size of your genitalia!) if you think I should have a separate section for more “profane” things.

When I was younger, I was on a friend’s email list. He used to send out really funny jokes, but he also sent out sexual ones. At the time, I wasn’t very open-minded, and the jokes really bothered me. I asked him if he could make two separate email lists, one for sending regular jokes, and one for sending everything. He said that was too much of a bother, and that it wasn’t his job to protect his readers from the real world. I replied that it wasn’t his job to shatter his readers’ innocence, either, and that if he truly considered me a friend, he would consider my suggestion.

Of course, I’m pretty sure most of the people who read this site aren’t “innocent” and don’t really give a flip, but I don’t want to bother anybody :/